Read Pakistan Read

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” (GRRM)

The month of August holds a special place in the life of every Pakistani, for each year we celebrate our freedom from colonial rule.We celebrate it as a national holiday; adorning our houses, markets, public buildings and faces with the flag that we hold so dear.
On every 14th August, we express the love for our country and the will to better ourselves and our country.This can progress only if we the people of Pakistan develop and incorporate healthy habits in our routines.
Reading is one such activity that is not only insightful, informative and interesting but also enjoyable, enriching and empowering.We at “DePorridge” believe that books offer valuable insights about our lives.They are wonderful tools that can be used to analyze and study a society and consequently make it better, peaceful, happy and humane.

We, in Pakistan, face a multitude of problems.We are perhaps faced with an unpredictable and gloomy future ahead.Unemployment, terrorism, corruption, and selfishness are some of the most notorious issues of Pakistan right now.These have placed an embargo on the progress of our country.We are dumbfounded and unable to present (a) solution(s) to our problems.We are sadly waiting for a Superman to appear out of nowhere and right all our wrongdoings, but this is unrealistic and unproductive.

That is why we need to think about our collective habits.Are they leading us in the right direction?With due respect, I would like to raise a specific question: Does watching a talk show on a TV news channel benefits us as much as it should? Typically the members discussing a topic diverge from the topic at hand and start blaming each other for the problems of the country.It usually results in your and mine time being wasted and leaving a sour taste in our mouths for the politicians.

What we need is to base our thinking not only what other people want us to think but on our own research.Books are the greatest source of information on any topic.

Both non-fiction and fiction books can help us become more aware and wiser people.They can teach us what we are doing wrong and what we need to solve our problems.Books don’t just tell you facts or stories they give you a message on how to live a happy life.Throughout the month we’ll be reminding you the importance of reading.

That is why we urge to start reading books.To encourage you to read we have started a campaign by the name of “Read Pakistan Read”.You will pledge to read at least one book in the month of August and at the end we will give away cash prizes to the participants who will win the lucky draw.

We hope that we will receive a tremendous response from everyone.
Happy Reading

Be sure to follow all steps of the giveaway to increase your chance of winning

(This giveaway is only for people residing in Pakistan)


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