Book review: A Quiver Full Of Arrows by Jeffery Archer

I want to confess something;I have read Mr.Archer’s work for the first time.I have another confession to make too;I loved it.

“A Quiver Full of Arrows” is a collection of 12 short stories.Each story has different characters and a different theme yet all stories have one thing in common: a strange yet sweet ending that will leave a smile on your face.

The reason I found these stories appealing was that they are rooted in reality.They carry a message:some stories had a lesson; in others, there was social commentary.The extremely relatable characters reflect the society and keep the reader hooked to the page.Themes of love, loyalty, friendship, social structure,compromise, and fate can be found spread across the stories.The author succeeds in saying a lot about many things in a small number of words.

In “The Luncheon”, one of the 12 stories, Mr.Archer uses humor and social critique to create a tale that is amusing and true at the same time.His ability to criticize posh restaurants for their over-the-fence service charges is delightful to read.The protagonist is invited to a luncheon at a restaurant by a lady he has a liking for.He is apprehensive but accepts nonetheless.He does not eat much but still has to empty his pockets to pay the bill.And…well…the end is reserved for the reader.

A review of short stories should be short as well.To be brief,I strongly recommend this book.It promises a warm reading experience.






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