TV Review: House of Cards Season 1

As children, we are often told to be honest and caring; to never cross our ethical boundaries and break our moral code.Well, when it comes to Mr.Francis Underwood, a senior congressman, he does not care about these things; when he wants something, he’ll try to get it no matter what.

House of Cards highlights not only the loopholes present in the political system of the United States, it raises the issue of common people not knowing what really happens behind political moves and decision making; how people are lied to again and again and how people change their stances to get what they want.
Where House of Cards really shines is how it portrays everything in an engaging and intriguing way. The acting, dialogue, and direction help it make entirely believable.All chapters as the episodes are called are skillfully written to build a chain. The series successfully keeps things moving, covering a lot of ground in every episode.All events fall into place nicely making it worth your time.

House of Cards will definitely appeal to people who like to see power players play against each other at times when stakes are high and you can disappear if you make a mistake.Those who are fans of Game of Thrones for its politics will surely enjoy this show.

Rating: 4.5/5


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