narcos review season 1

TV Review: Narcos Season 1

“Narcos”, short for narcotics, is a Netflix TV series which chronicles the rise of the Medellin drug cartel in Colombia with Pablo Escobar at its core. Pablo is a smuggler who soon discovers that cocaine , addictive as it is, would fetch a huge market in a country that can afford it-the US. Soon, tons of cocaine start shipping to Miami and billions of dollars start pouring into the pockets of drug dealers in Colombia. The dealers make sure that cocaine is present in  each and every one item that ships out of Colombia- the TVs, the Coca-Cola, and even the people (paying people to swallow packets of cocaine).The drug lords make sure their business keeps thriving , looking for new markets and removing hurdles whenever necessary.

You might ask “Was there no one to stop Pablo?”; well, Pablo was a staunch believer that everyone one had a price and Pablo had enough money to buy everyone and those he couldn’t buy, he would kill ruthlessly.
Still, there were people who actually did something.The DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) worked beside the local authorities to weaken Pablo but a man who owns forces and people alike is not easy to stop.

The series, made up of 10 one hour long episodes, covers the rise of Pablo as a well-known drug lord and the authorities’ struggle to take him down. The pursuit is laden with bloodshed on all sides with Colombia bleeding the most. The series is a brilliant tribute to all the honest politicians and police officers among other people who sacrificed their precious lives for the greater good.

The writing, development, and acting are all marvelous. The action and drama are electrifying and addictive.The show craftily shifts between the storylines of both sides with a voice-over narrative that makes it more interesting. We are shown different pictures from history books to remind us that the brutal events actually happened. These add authenticity to the narrative. Watch one episode and you’ll be hooked at once.Hooked.

Season 2 premiers September,2016.

Rating: 5/5


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