TV Review: Bloodline Season 1 (2015)

Netflix has come up with yet another show that is sure to keep its audience wanting more.

Bloodline is a show that will keep you glued to your screen for the whole of the season. Its powerful storytelling backed by stellar performances by the talented cast makes this series next on your watch list.

The show is centered around the Rayburns, who are renowned in the Keys locality for their valuable contributions to the economy and culture of the area but little do the people know about their dark past which they have kept hidden for so long.

Things go haywire when the eldest son Danny visits them for the 45th anniversary of the B&B resort that they own.The tense mood makes you wonder about the reason everyone is so wary of his visit.Why is everyone so scared? Scared of what?

His visit starts to reveal tensions, in the family, that have not subsided for a long time and the hatred that some of them feel against the other. His presence divides the family and forces it to recall the most terrible events in its history.

To add drama to the story, the story discusses serious issues like drug abuse, human trafficking, and murders that have a direct impact on the area and the people including the Rayburns. The story moves to and fro across the family’s history adding depth to the storyline. Although a major development is revealed early in the show, yet the urge to watch it in one sitting grows stronger with each episode.There are serious issues of morality dealt with and one is dumbfounded as to who is on the right side.And at the end when you think that maybe the series is over, the 10 seconds of the episode tell a whole different story!

Netflix has  promised that season 2 will air in 2016.

The trailer:

Rating: 8/10


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