Film Review: The Revenant (2015)

The Revenant is making headlines nowadays virtue of a number of reasons. The stunning visuals, harsh filming conditions, strong acting, and an unbelievable yet true story makes this film a treat for the audience.

We are told a story that is set in the year 1823. The presence of valuable fur forces the Americans to brave the conditions of northern US and explore the wilderness. There they come face to face with the natives. A fight for survival and a brutal bloodshed follows leaving both parties injured and smaller in numbers. The protagonist, Glass, is with the Americans. He is ordered to lead the men out of trouble. While camping out in the woods, he is attacked by a bear who leaves him wounded and bedridden. The captain is left with no other choice but to leave him behind along with three other men. What follows is a story of survival, bravery, deceit, and action that is both inspiring and thrilling.

The Revenant has been directed in a splendid manner. The acting is superb with Di Caprio leading the way. The acting adds depth to the characters as the story traverses. However, the plot is the not the one that made me think about watching the film again. Nonetheless, I liked it a lot and would suggest that you watch it too.

Rating: 7/10


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