How to earn awesome grades by Thomas Frank

Review: How to earn awesome grades by Thomas Frank

Well, you must know about Thomas Frank.He is that cool dude from ‘College Info Geek’ who posts videos about nearly all of the things that can help you make your time in college fun and successful.If you are not, you are missing on a lot of stuff; so you are strongly advised to pay his channel on Youtube a visit BUT after reading this review.

Actually, it has been a little while since I first saw him on the internet but I fell right away in love with the way he gives priceless studying tips and other advice.He isn’t new to the field rather he has been helping people for quite a time now.I came across his book on his website which is available for FREE.I read it.I loved it.Hear my thoughts in the following lines.

The book is a short book full of advice that usually you won’t easily get in one place.It talks about a number of different things.It walks you through organizing your schedule, studying smarter, reading faster, working better in a group, taking better notes and building great habits that you can be proud of among other things.It contains a long list of digital tools like Trello, Habitica,and Evernote among others that you can use to make your life easy, organized, and stress free.

The author doesn’t use an instructive mood rather it feels as if you are reading something sent to you by your brother or friend.The writing is concise and the message is clear. The content is divided into six major chapters each dealing with a different aspect of college study life.The book is short i.e around 100 pages.You can complete it in a single go, but I would advise you to read one chapter at a time and then apply it in your life.This way you’ll get a better understanding of the content.The book is your all-in-one college guide and it’s totally free.I would definitely recommend it to you.

Rating: 4.5/5


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