The Healer Review Gregg Luke

Review:The Healer by Gregg Luke

I received an ebook for free via NetGalley.

Christian Pendragon is your typical history professor.He has a profound interest in Irish folklore and history.The American professor visits Ireland for his vacations.Hardly does he know that his life is going to change forever.

I’ll try my best to keep the review as spoiler-free as possible, but it is a daunting task because of the nature of The Healer’s story.Chris belongs to a family of physicians but runs away as far as possible from gore and wounds.He becomes a student of history against his family’s wishes and is therefore confused about his life.Although, he loves teaching yet he feels as if his life is incomplete.In Ireland, he believes, that he may find his true purpose.Soon, he realizes that God has a big plan for him.

During an accident, he is approached by a local saint (not known to Chris).The saint reveals to Chris that he has been chosen to be a healer.Now, these are not ordinary healers, for they are gifted with the ability to heal every ailment besides death.This befuddles Chris who is reluctant to accept anything.He refuses to believe what the centennial saint tells him.He is unable to comprehend the mysterious rather miraculous happenings around him.A tale of self-realization follows.

I found the whole story interesting, primarily because of the associated legends.The narrative is well-suited to the story.The build-up of the characters and story is impressive.The story has a healthy mix of action, prudence, and romance.I believe that the readers will surely ask for a sequel.

Rating: 3.5/5


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