Review of Destiny by Kate Drummond

Review: Destiny by Kate Drummond

I received this book for free in return for an honest review.

I usually don’t read books that belong to the romance genre. Frankly, I find them boring and not for me. But even books that belong to the romance genre tackle different issues like problems of a single mother etc. This provides substance to the whole narrative and I believe that there should be something insightful in a book. After all, books help a lot in helping people realize and imagine circumstances that they don’t experience in everyday life and empathizing with other people.

Sadly, this book has none of these. Worse, it was plagued by terrible editing and grammar that ‘spoilt’ the reading experience as if the narrative and plot were not dreadful already. The only good thing about this book is its cover that is a picture of a beautiful sunset.

You may say that I am being a little rude, but trust me I have never read worse writing and that which continues for 113 pages. For evidence, read some of the lines taken from the book:

I, from a child always had a sixth sense ,…

We were very close, and her and dad adored Belle.

Belle was so fun loving.Beautiful like her mother,if i may be so modest, and a sense of humor like her father.Who was very rarely there for her, and even less through her teens.

We needed him and he,us too.

Beverly was four year older than myself.

I was able to get my garden done.Get outside at night and sit with my neighbours (Is this a command for the reader?)

In my eyes,we were finished.

Sentences like these ruined the experience for me.It is sad to read such a badly written book.The summary of the book talks about the protagonist Annie finding true love in her life after a series of affairs but the narrative is so rushed and abrupt, it does not allow for any emotions to settle in.It feels as if you are reading a diary made up of short rushed entries. The whole story is about Annie getting angry every time Shinda refuses to get engaged with her and then cooling down when he invites her for a meeting.This happens again and again. This loop forms the crust and core of the story leaving the reader to grieve over wasted time.The writer is even ignorant of the fact that India and Pakistan are two different countries,she uses them interchangeably and Shinda’s country of origin is told to be both India and Pakistan at the same time.

Such is the sorry state of this book.

I would advise you to stay far away from this book. I would advise the publisher to take it off the shelves as soon as possible.

Rating: 0/5


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