Review: A Chronicle of Amends by Tariq Saleim

Nowadays, quite a large number of novels and books are based on characters that are faced with special circumstances as in fantasy,science fiction etc,but it is rare to see a book like A Chronicle Of Amends by Tareiq Salem,that deals with the basic questions of life like why are we here? How should we spend our lives? What is Happiness and success? Etc.
The book is composed of four books/sections i.e poetry,novella,reflections and notes+probes.

Throughout the four sections the main theme and message is the same.The author tells though examples and reasons what he has learned in life,how it should be spent and what should be the ultimate goal of life.The author discusses the importance of money and goods; to what extent should we stretch ourselves for these things and what should be our attitude towards the different spheres of life.

Now,these are basic questions whose answers are sought by everyone,I hope that every ‘type’ of reader will find some message or lesson in this book.You will surely be tempted to think about these things that are discussed as much as they should be.

The writing style of the author is nice and simple,the message is clear and the book leaves you thinking about the material,which is what an author wants.
I suggest that everyone should read the book.

I received the book for free through a Goodreads First-Reads Giveaway.

Rating: 4.5/5


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