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Review: Dangerous Illusions by Joseph J. Gabriele

The blurb of the book reads:

In a beguiling tale of deception and murder, desire and theft, seduction and betrayal—where nothing is what it appears to be—a man is murdered and an iconic musical instrument is stolen during a gathering at Eliot Sexton’s Park Avenue apartment. The stolen item—an object of desire worshipped by millions—is the key to solving the crime, or so the detective brought in to investigate believes. The murder, however, is not nearly as straightforward as it seems—nor is the theft.

Though the island of Manhattan presents no shortage of suspects—many of them capable of killing to satisfy their appetites—Eliot, a young economic historian and writer, soon becomes the prime suspect. As he draws closer to the truth behind the theft and murder, he also becomes the killer’s next target.

Irreverent, provocative, and utterly unpredictable, Dangerous Illusions is a weeklong polyrhythmic journey into contemporary New York that will keep readers guessing right up to its thrilling conclusion.

I received an Advance Review Copy (for free) from the author through Goodreads’ First Reads.

This novel is quite different from other thrillers.Usually, we experience the action through the eyes of a detective but this novel is different because we follow the prime suspect.

Eliot is an accomplished journalist currently working on the history of the banking system in the US, but his world turns upside down when his friend is found brutally murdered and expensive drums stolen in his apartment during a party.The authorities are perplexed not because of the murder but also because there is not a motive behind the criminal act.

The novel has a characteristic that makes it both good and bad at the same time. Unlike other thrillers that I have read, that have (many a times) paper-thin characters, Dangerous Illusions has a rich characterization. Much thought has been given to the histories and personalities of the different characters that allow the reader to know them to a likable extent.

The author describes every scene in great detail. The descriptions are so vivid that one actually feels that he/she is at the described location. Moreover, the emotions and feel that accompany the different places are rich and ‘tangible’. To some extent, this enriches the narrative but I found some descriptions superfluous and unnecessary. At one point, the author gives a 2-PAGE description of a musical instruments shop.I don’t think many people would know about the instruments; that is why I skipped such descriptions.

Perhaps as a reviewer has said, the USP of this novel is that it is not only about a murder case but it also talks about the world, capitalism, and lifestyles. The discussion will probably make you think about the author’s views at least once.

The ending was quite a shock; I loved it.It was quite unexpected.The author deserves commendation for creating such a surprising end to the story.

If you are looking for a thriller that is different, this is the right story for you, but if you are looking for a fast-paced one you should read some other book.




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