Two months of Blogging…

Our hits
Our hits

Thanks everybody!
Because of your approval of mine(Abdullah) and Saad’s clumsy attempts at writing or rather posing as writers (though review writers only), we have survived two months in this endless cyber world, where blogs are in a constant state of struggle to outshine others.

We can’t describe in words how good it feels when we see our stats page and it shows visitors and views from different parts of the world. We never expected to get such a good response in such short time and that too from parts of the world far and away. Therefore, we are thankful to you for your readership and support.

Now, two months and two authors… we always tried to do our best and preferred quality over quantity every time. That’s the reason for our relatively small number of posts but concerning material, you’ve got to admit; every single post was worth the wait.

On this conspicuous day, I’d like to announce that this month Umer Farooq has joined us at DePorridge and will be accompanying us.Hopefully, he’ll be contributing to the blog significantly in the future.

Thanks again and Happy name day

Stay with us and you would not be disappointed

The Authors,

M.Saad Khan
Umer Farooq


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