Being a great fan of Anthony Hopkins portryal of Dr.Lecter (Silence of the lambs),I was skeptical about this series.I couldnot imagine any-one living up to the standard set by hopkins .Apart from that, retelling of a story does not appeal to me,especially one told with such outstanding performances.For all these reasons I abstained from watching Hannibal, But lo! this series is everthing I expected not to be….

A psychological thriller,it explores the early relation of FBI agent Will Graham and brilliant psychiatrist Dr.Hannibal Lecter.

Will Graham,FBI special agent with pshychiatric power of pure empathy comes as a highly intelligent but unstable character,with a conflicted personality,peering into lives and view points of other seriel killer’s distorted lives and personalities; along with his own demons to confront,he lives for the greater good.this unstability is preyed upon by his psychiatrist friend Hannibl Lecter. Hannibal, main villian of series is an acclaimed psychiatrist, also a surgeon,a scholar and with a particular taste in food and music..a brilliant manipulator,often manipulating other persons into murdering people,or sometimes setting up someone else for his own killings.

Hannibal is clearly a work of hard labour by its crew,for it does not have any weak points. Show’s tone is somber and thrilling,audience dreading even in scenes when nothing appears to be happening.The calibre of acting is rarely seen on tv,writing supports acting and even the story progresses naturally without exaggeration or rushing. Even with such gruesome and intense nature of material,it’s surprising to note how everything is beautiful. Writing is truly artful,and not only script but also there are stunning shots,beautiful sets and even vivid dream crime scenes are depicted with a touch of art.

The most important and enjoyable feature of Hannibal is its silence,long shots of stunning scenary,carefully crafted sets even crime scenes, they speak louder than any words.


Visually,this is the best show I have ever watched,every scene appears to be inspired from some oil painting. Mikkelsen cooking and the inner shots of his mansion looks like work of an artist,how he prepares and serves food is a piece of art too…same goes for how much vivid and artistic some of hallucinating and killing scenes are…

Character development is also majestic,especially Hannibal Lecter,he is more of a deadlier and quieter nature in comparison to Hopkin’s Lecter who was more of a gleeful nature. Mikkelsen is chilling, funny, and blazingly brilliant.his subtle approach on Hannibal is a revelation. he is not driven by passion and he is not blinded by it instead he has grace and sophistication.

Bleak,gruesome,psychiatric thriller and probably a bit un-realistic,this is a gory crime series with an exceptionally educated serial-killer with an amazingly defined taste in music and food.

Rating   9/10
story : 8.5/10
Acting : 8.8/10
visual/cinematography : 9.5/10


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