Review of 12 Monkeys Season 1

Time travel is a quite favorite subject of science fiction fans. Just the possibility of being able to travel back or forth in time to change something has a certain glitter to it.

12 Monkeys is a sci-fi TV series whose first season aired on the channel “Syfy” and it’s all about time travel. The story goes as follows; in the year 2017 a deadly virus is released by a secret group of people known as the “Army of the Twelve Monkeys”. The virus kills 7 billion people leaving the rest of the people to figure how to survive because the survivors as they are known become scavengers and fight for their survival in a world that is a literally a living nightmare. In the wake of all this a group of scientists continue their work on a time machine and are able to improve the process to the degree of perfection by 2043.Their aim is to stop the virus before it was released. For this they send  James Cole (Aaron Stanford) to 2015.What follows is a 13 episode thrilling first season.

The reason 12 Monkeys appealed to me that it did not approach the subject of time travel in a very unreal way (although that is debatable) rather it shows the audience various dimension of time travel many of which are logically possible (see:consistent and inconsistent time travel stories).It explores the complexity of time travel in a very  way that leaves you awe struck.It tackles the question of Free Will vs Predestination.Can we change the past and consequently the future ? Does time stay as it is or can we mould it ?

Furthermore, it highlights why it’s nearly impossible for one man to change everything.That is why Cole is helped by the brilliant virologist Cassandra Railly (Amanda Schull) and a math genius with mental issues, Jennifer Goines (Emily Hampshire) in 2015 and by Ramsae in 2043.You won’t fingd the charcterization secondary.Every character has a story and watching through different perspectives adds depth to the narrative.

12 Monkeys

The whole package is great.The final episode blew me away.Why don’t you give it a shot?

(Note :The Second Season is planned to air in 2016.The directors have promised us answers to questions left in first season. Read more)

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