The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Routhfuss

A tale of wit, adventure, humor and danger, it is a perfect mix for an epic high fantasy series. ‘Kingkiller Chronicle’ is coming of age novel full of humor; it is a story of love and loss with occasional involvement of magic.

The kingkiller chronicle tells the story of a young boy “Kvothe”; a polymath, living with a troupe of travelling people,with his childhood suddenly coming to an end after his parents and troupe’s massacre by mysterious entities,Kvothe is left with only his wits and skills to survive as an orphan and his desire to enter The University;a school of magic and sciences,he grew to be a bard,a swordsman and the most notorious wizard of his time,hero and villain of a thousand tales,accused of king slaying,presumed to be dead,his name a praise and a curse at his alma mater.patrick

The kingkiller chronicle is told in a self-narrated autobiography fashion.”The Chronicler” a scribbler of notes, finds Kvothe managing an inn “waystones”, Kvothe narrates his story to Chronicler, with each book covering one day of his narration.So the history of Kvothe’s life is told from his own perspective.

Patrick narrates the story of not only human nature but also a tale of a world threatened by entities, the world which desperately denying their existence. Reading this series, one becomes aware of how a legend forms and of the truth hidden beneath the lies of stories.It also explains how news traveled before modern means of communication through stories and singers and how its original form was distorted and story improvised for a better appeal. The author explores the development of an individual’s character development under different scenarios and under adverse conditions.

This is considerably darker than Harry Potter series, a story of childhood, education and magic but at the same time it does not have many complexities of high fantasy like ‘Lord of The Rings’ or ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’,where you have to go through deep roots of each character to understand motives and to be moved by them,rather it forms sort of an easy and intimate relation with the first person narrator.kingkiller-covers

‘kingkiller chronicle’ is prose written by a poet, it’s writing and story has an easy way with the reader.The most beautiful part is during his wandering after his parents murder and his education,when reader familiarises with the universe created by author, the laws(physical and legalism), principles and realities of that imaginary world.I personally like it best when the plot has a slow pace, it’s not that I have no love for action but I like travel and buildup before a quest more than goal of quest itself,and this series has all of these elements.

“The Name of the Wind” and “The Wise Man’s Fear” the first two books in this trilogy have been released;”The Doors of Stone” is believed to be released in 2016, though it has not been confirmed by the author;same is the case for the publishers.Patrick Routhfuss has also released some novella about different characters of Kingkiller Chronicle.


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