Review : U Turn Your Life by Zeeshan Raza

There are a number of books in the market that promise to help you succeed and make the most out of your life.The advice can be of varied types and many books use different strategies to help their readers pursuit prosperity and happiness.”U-Turn Your Life” is a book that promises “to challenge your beliefs.If you are ready for the challenge,…,the results will astonish you.”

The author presents a 5 step formula for the purpose.These steps are:

Step 1: Creating Emotional Intelligence

How are we connected with others? Why does it matter? How thoughts influence our life? Exercises to Train Your Mind

Step 2: Setting Goals.

Why do we need to set goals? How to make goal setting an interesting process? Learn the correct process of Setting Goals.

Step 3: Improving Your Self-Image.

How is Self-Image linked to our problems? What role does Ego play? How to Improve Your Self-Image

Step 4: Using Visualization.

What Is Visualization? Guided step by step process of performing visualization. How to create focus and stay concentrated? The role our emotions and feelings play in this technique. What is Clearing Process? Why forgiving others is beneficial for us?

Step 5: Using Affirmations.

Learn the correct way of affirmations. Take negative statements made by our mind and turn them into positive affirmations.

The book is divided into sections that describe each step separately in a brief but sadly not as extensive way as one would like, but the author says in his conclusion that he meant it that way.One advantage of this approach is that the author presents the outline of each idea and leaves the reader to research it further.He has given a list of websites, movies, books and videos at the end for the purpose.However if you expect a satisfying and extensive description of the steps then you may be disappointed.

Despite the brevity, the book still manages to paint a nice picture of enlisted techniques and methods.The ideas presented in this book are backed by scientific evidence.For example, visualization or imagining oneself in a better position or achievement of a goal helps motivates us work towards our goals.This technique helps realize the mood and feelings associated with our potential achievement.This has a remarkably uplifting effect on one’s mood and outlook towards life.I employed this technique and found it immensely satisfying and positive.

Another powerful tool is building self-image.A number of people suufer due to low confidence and self-belief.It stops them from achieving their full potential in life.The author gives helpful advice regarding the problem and encourages us to believe in our abilities and talents.

You will find similar sort of advice on other topics.Overall the book does a good job of inspiring the reader towards a better life.However ordinary language and poor editing make the reading experience somewhat less enjoyable.

Zeeshan Raza
Zeeshan Raza

Visit Zeeshan Speaks for further information on the author.

Rating: 3.5/5

I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads

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