Hello People!


Just came across this blog or did someone tell you how awesome we are;well whatever the reason you have come to the right place.

We at DePorridge are insanely excited about our new blog.We are just exploding with excitement.We want to make DePorridge THE review blog.The blog where you expect to to read about everything that is worth trying.There are a number of review blogs out there;many of whom are concerned with only one department.Well,we are different and we know that in the present age no one  has only one liking.People like books,movies,television series and video games at the same time not to mention a zillion other things like twitter,BBC,CNN,national geographic etc.

We will review content so you do not have to take a chance at anything so that you experience only the best.At the moment we are going to start with books,movies,television series but soon we’ll start exploring other avenues as well.So stick with us and you won’t be disappointed!

You too can be a part of our team.You just have to write stuff that people would love to read.

Email your entries at:



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